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 Group Information

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PostSubject: Group Information   Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:10 am

Are you someone who plays in a movie, drama, voice actor or appears in a tv show or anything realated, then you are an Actor/Actress.

A person who is famous for singing, dancing, rapping and so fort.

Obvious. Someone who models clothing or an object on the catwalk or gets lots of photoshoots and appears in magazines and such. (ulzzang also fall under this category)

Just a normal person. Can be a high school student, shop owner or anyone who is not working for one of the entertainment companies.

This are the people who work in a company but don't fall under actor, idol or model (example: songwriter, manager, make-up artist, background dancer) A Professional can also be a normal citizen but with a high function like boss from the airport, doctor and so fort.
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Group Information
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